I love reading other people’s blogs!  So many different ideas and opinions.  I stay away from the religious and political stuff – too much controversy.  I came across a blog that asked the question about motivation, and what motivates you.  Cool responses – to be alive, to be on the softball mound, opportunities, etc.  Here’s mine…..YOU!

Other people motivate me – my family, my friends, my peers….  You all have a story, goals, and ideas to share.  I could listen to you all day!  Brad jokes that I can go into interview mode, asking people questions over and over.  Well, I like doing that!  I like hearing about where you came from, where you are, and where you are going.  It’s inspirational and exciting.

When it comes to fitness, I want to know what you’ve done in your past.  Did you like or hate sports?  Did your family go on hikes?

What are you doing now?  Are you scared to start exercising?  Do you go on destination vacations so you can bike along the country side?

What does a healthy lifestyle look like to you when you get older?  Will you be hanging at the beach?  Do you want to ski the Alps?

All of the places you’ve been (physically and emotionally) are learning experiences, and I crave learning from you.  Please keep sharing all of your life experiences!  I’m a better person for it…