I can’t believe it!  I have a new and improved website and feel ready to open up shop!  Well…shops been open for a while.  I started personal training in 2007, but went out on my own in the Spring of 2012.  It was exciting to have the ability to create exercise classes and personal training programs that are custom to my clients.  My goal with this new website it to help me reach further out to you and others interested in exercising, staying fit, eating well, and living a healthy lifestyle.

Even though I’m not so new to the fitness industry, I am new to the world of social networking and marketing.  Thank goodness for wonderful friends who have held my hand and continue to walk me through the process of reaching out to existing and new clients.  All of my business has been word of mouth, from my amazing clients and friends.  So moving ahead with my new website, I will take my first leap of faith (wait, that’s a term I use in training clients with TRX!) by asking for your help.  Please bookmark my website, friend and like me on Facebook, visit often for fitness related news and information, and sign-up to receive emails, newsletters and other great resources that will help you with your health-related goals.  And…feel free to share with your friends and family!