The 12 Glorious Workout Days of Christmas 2014

This fun workout is just like the song. Start off on the 1st day, then do the 2nd and first day, and so on. Don’t forget the 1 minute plank after each add-on! Thanks to Kathy Bareuther, my fabulous neighbor, for this great workout!!! Enjoy!


1st Day – Making toys

  • Lunge forward and back (1 time on each leg), right leg then left leg, while doing bicep curls
  • Plank on forearms

2nd Day – Putting up the lights

  • Pushups (2 times)
  • Plank with a toe tap on top of each foot

3rd Day – Santa squats

  • Squats with weights on shoulders (3 times)
  • Plank with arms extended forward

4th Day – The Nutcracker

  • Standing straight leg crunch (4 times), right leg/right arm then left leg/left arm
  • Plank with alternating hip dip

5th Day – Find the tree

  • Mountain Climbers (5 times)
  • Plank on hands

6th Day – Pull the sleigh

  • Triceps extension overhead (6 times)
  • Plank on forearms with a sawing motion

7th Day – Get up and get moving!

  • Sit ups with straight legs, straight arms, holding a weight (7 times)
  • Plank with shoulder tap

8th Day – Jack in the box!

  • Tuck jump (8 times)
  • Plank with one arm overhead (switch arms after 30 seconds)

9th Day – Jingle All The Way!

  • Arnold arm press with weights – start with arms curled and palms facing toward you, press weights out and overhead with palms facing forward (9 times)
  • Plank on forearms

10th Day – Shake off the cookies

  • Crunch with double ankle taps (10 times)
  • Plank in a star shape (arms and legs wide)

11th Day – Push through the shopping lines

  • Bridge with hip raise, one leg straight and up toward the ceiling (11 times)
  • Side plank (switch sides after 30 seconds)

12th Day – Finish all the wrapping

  • Burpee with a pushup and jump (12 times)
  • Plank – your choice!


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After spending many years in corporate human resources and organization development, I put my passion for health and wellness at the center of my professional life and went back to school for a second degree in Kinesiology. In 2008, I became a personal trainer and never looked back!
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