This fun workout is just like the song. Start off on the 1st day, then do the 2nd and first day, and so on. Don’t forget the 1 minute plank after each add-on! Thanks to Kathy Bareuther, my fabulous neighbor, for this great workout!!! Enjoy!


1st Day – Making toys

  • Lunge forward and back (1 time on each leg), right leg then left leg, while doing bicep curls
  • Plank on forearms

2nd Day – Putting up the lights

  • Pushups (2 times)
  • Plank with a toe tap on top of each foot

3rd Day – Santa squats

  • Squats with weights on shoulders (3 times)
  • Plank with arms extended forward

4th Day – The Nutcracker

  • Standing straight leg crunch (4 times), right leg/right arm then left leg/left arm
  • Plank with alternating hip dip

5th Day – Find the tree

  • Mountain Climbers (5 times)
  • Plank on hands

6th Day – Pull the sleigh

  • Triceps extension overhead (6 times)
  • Plank on forearms with a sawing motion

7th Day – Get up and get moving!

  • Sit ups with straight legs, straight arms, holding a weight (7 times)
  • Plank with shoulder tap

8th Day – Jack in the box!

  • Tuck jump (8 times)
  • Plank with one arm overhead (switch arms after 30 seconds)

9th Day – Jingle All The Way!

  • Arnold arm press with weights – start with arms curled and palms facing toward you, press weights out and overhead with palms facing forward (9 times)
  • Plank on forearms

10th Day – Shake off the cookies

  • Crunch with double ankle taps (10 times)
  • Plank in a star shape (arms and legs wide)

11th Day – Push through the shopping lines

  • Bridge with hip raise, one leg straight and up toward the ceiling (11 times)
  • Side plank (switch sides after 30 seconds)

12th Day – Finish all the wrapping

  • Burpee with a pushup and jump (12 times)
  • Plank – your choice!