The snow we are getting in the Northeast is crazy! Some of my friends are really struggling while others are loving it. But how about the kids? It was cool at first to miss school, but now they’re bored and scared that school will last until August! Here are some fun ways to pass the time and make this winter season even more memorable.

Play in the Snow – There’s plenty out there!

If you are not stuck inside; go have fun outside in the snow. Make a snow man and dress it up, go sledding, have a snow ball fight, play tag, chase the dogs (if you have any), dig out the cars, or make snow angels.

Bake or Cook – Make for now and for later

Pull your mitts out and get ready to bake! Kids love cooking. Go to and search for fun recipes you and your child(ren) can prepare like cookies, cakes, and other pastries. Healthy ones of course! And don’t forget to save me some!

Play Board Games – A little competition can’t hurt

Board games have been around for years and will remain around for many more. There is nothing like a great game of Scrabble, Connect 4, Monopoly, Old Maid, Uno, Simon, and Candyland. My daughter just finished a 3 hour game of Monopoly – some great competition and lots of laughs! Not only are all these games fun, but also many have hidden life lessons and integrate math and reading.

Role Play – Pull out all the summer clothes

Dress up in some old clothes and play funny characters from movies, TV shows, or just make up your own. Personally, I’d be dressing up in Downton Abby garb.

Clean the House

Make chores fun by adding adventure and competition. Time your children, sing a song, offer a prize, or just get it done before the board games, cooking, and snow play!