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TRX® Suspension Training and Products

TRX® Suspension Training is a revolutionary exercise system leveraging your own body weight for resistance.  You can perform hundreds of exercises that build power, strength, flexibility, balance, and mobility, all at the intensity you choose.  All done while being safe and having fun.

TRX Group Classes – All Skill Levels

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8-week sessions, 50 minute classes

or $20/person per class

@ Serenity Day Spa Fitness Room

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TRX and Fit Camp Exercise Classes

TRX…it’s a lifestyle change that will turn you into one of our TRX-Addicts!


Frequently Asked Questions

What is TRX Suspension Training?

Suspension Training is a unique training modality that uses your own body weight and gravity as resistance. Contrary to the rings in gymnastics, TRX Suspension Training has one anchor point and is ground based; therefore we are able to re-create athletic movements freely. The simplicity of the TRX allows us to transition fluidly from exercise to exercise and work endurance, strength, power, balance, coordination, core, and flexibility on one piece of equipment.

What skill level should I be to use the TRX?

ANYONE at ANY LEVEL can train on the TRX. Since our own body weight and the forces of gravity create our resistance, the intensity of a workout is easily adjustable by changing the angle of the body relative to the TRX. Therefore, the TRX is extremely appropriate for all ages and abilities.

What is Functional Training?

The body knows movements, not individual muscles. If we sit down on a machine to train, we typically isolate one muscle. Functional Training means we recruit and integrate groups of muscles, which is how we move in life and exercise. In order to effectively exercise, we must train entire movements by engaging the core and stabilizing musculature of our bodies.

Why should we use the TRX?

The TRX is the most effective, comprehensive piece of training equipment I’ve encountered in all my years as an athlete and coach. The TRX is extremely efficient because we can get a total-body ALL CORE workout focusing on multiple components of fitness in each move. TRX Suspension Training engages the core in each exercise and requires postural stabilization, thereby reinforcing the body alignment essential in sports, fitness and everyday life!

Where can we use it?

It is very portable and weighs less than 2 lbs, so we retain the ability to workout while traveling and not miss out on crucial training time. At $200, the TRX is very cost effective for individuals that don’t have the space or budget for large, bulky machines. It is easily anchored over pull-up bars, monkey bars, around a tree, or over a door, just to name a few.

How do we purchase a TRX?

Barb is an authorized provider of TRX.  She can direct you on how to purchase and what product bundle is best for you.

What is Group TRX Training?

Barb Seiden brings suspension training to you in a progressive boot camp style class filled with energy and enthusiasm. The TRX Group X Classes combine strength training, cardio activity, flexibility, music, motivation and accountability to give you a fitness experience unlike any other group exercise class you’ve attended. From the elite level athlete seeking an edge, to the recreational fitness enthusiast looking to increase overall fitness, Barb’s TRX Group X Classes provide the structure and motivation to achieve your goals.

Experience how using TRX safely and effectively ramps up your current fitness level and drastically increases core strength in 8 weeks. TRX Group X classes will train you to increase functional strength–with a focus on core strength–as well as increase cardiovascular fitness, flexibility, coordination, and balance.

A TRX Suspension System will be available at Serenity Day Spa for each participant.  However, you are more than welcome to bring your own, and receive additional coaching on how to utilize your TRX at home, at work, and on the road.  Barb is an authorized provider of TRX.  She can direct you on how to purchase and what product bundle is best for you.



This is no girly workout at the spa! TRX was developed by Navy SEALS and Marine Corps soldiers to stay in shape while deployed in the middle of the desert. They developed the routine using parachute straps and any means of attachment they could find! If it can keep the military elite in top physical shape, imagine what it will do for you!