With the Christmas holiday right around the corner, many of you are following my lead of last minute planning (wait, isn’t the definition of planning to do something ahead of time?). Well don’t fret my winter worrier, I have a great idea that will please the receiver or possibly offend them!!! Here is a list of health gift ideas.

Serenity Spa Day– Pedicure, manicure, massage, in a tranquil environment without the kids. Save this one for yourself!

Fit Bit/Pedometer- Cheap and cool! A great gift for someone starting their workout program.

Scale with Body Fat Analyzer- This is one of the possible offensive gifts! Yikes. So choose the recipient wisely. It is a great upgrade from the regular body weight scale.

Juicer- They range in price so don’t freak out! Great for someone who wants a healthy breakfast, short on time, and/or loves shakes

Gift Card for sneakers- Too many amateur runners or exercise beginners neglect attention to their footwear. Like tires, sneakers wear out and can cause damage to your joints. Bucks County Running is the perfect place to go!

Athletic Outdoor Clothing- I love to see people working out in the winter, but if you know someone who has 12 layers of clothes on while walking outdoors, they just might appreciate the advancement in outerwear technology. I love Marshall’s for athletic wear.