All of my clients are so different – their goals, their reason to work with me, their schedules, etc. It’s very fun to be able to “pick people’s brains” to see why I’m working with them.

I just got a call yesterday from a client. He had been working with me to lose weight. We were working very hard together to balance nutrition and exercise, motivation and fun. It was a great relationship and together we were making progress toward his goals.

Then the news hit – the reoccurring cancer had returned. Extremely aggressive chemo was prescribed and the negative thoughts set it. He had to stop exercising and spend his time going back and forth for weeks to chemo and doctor’s appointments. He had already been through some awful chemo treatments, so he knew this was going to be bad.

We kept in touch, but most of the conversations were very negative. His chances of recovery were so slim and so much of the discussion was about how his family would deal with it. It was so hard for me to be motivating and encouraging when I haven’t experienced what he’s been going through. I always try to see the silver lining with my client’s situations, but this one was sooo difficult.

Yesterday I got a call that he is cancer free and ready to start working out again!!!!!!! I can’t tell you how thrilled I am for him and his family!!! Now our goals have changed. He wants to gain his strength back and gain weight – he’s lost about 50 pounds over the past 6 months.

How quickly our lives, and goals, can change. I feel that I’ll be starting over again picking his brain about goals, schedules, etc.. We all have bumps and mountains in the road, but to have the opportunity to work with someone who has gone over all of those obstacles is an honor. I’m super excited to be starting over with such a great person and an inspiring spirit.