Do you like to work out? Are you a fan of Barb’s Personal Training? Well, it’s time to let the world know by wearing a Barb’s Personal Training t-shirt.

In my line of work, I see a lot of cool workout clothes and think it is about time to have my own workout shirts. I love wearing comfortable t-shirts during my workouts, when I’m with clients, and when I’m teaching classes (sorry…I’m not a bra-top fan). But it’s not all about the look. If you exercise with me, either in personal training sessions, in group exercise classes at Serenity Day Spa & Wellness Center, or even in my Full Matrix class at the Y, you know my classes are all about having fun as a group. So how could I design new t-shirts without your input?

A few weeks ago, I asked you to send in your best taglines to be printed on the shirts. I’m listing some of my very favorites. Post your very favorite on Facebook—or tweet me. With your input, I’ll pick the winning line by Saturday, June 15th. (Of course, if you submitted the winning line,  you’ll win a t-shirt and a free personal training session!!!).

Let’s get physical personal!

It’s not a competition. (Only it is, so GO!)

Positively Personal. Masterfully Motivating.

We’ll Give You Home Field Advantage.

Your House, Our Rules.

A year from now, you’ll wish you started today.

If fitness came in a bottle, everyone would have it.

Barb’s Penny Pinchers Club.

Love the Lunge!

Peace, Love, Ladders.

Body by Barb.

Just Do It! Then Do It Again.

This is your last one. ..for now!

Go big, or go home!