I’m soooo excited to have my first guest blogger. Randal Henderson is a great friend, and a great cyclist. I love reading his play-by-play action of rides and races. Here’s just a little introduction to kick things off. Enjoy, and thanks Randal!

Randal Henderson’s blog about bicycles, life, love, literature, cooking and real estate investment.  Actually, it’s just about bikes.  And like all blogs, my ego.

If you meet me at a party and ask me what I do I likely won’t tell you about my job.  I have one.  And it’s fine.  

But my work is not what I think about before I doze off at night.  It usually doesn’t cross mind in the first few minutes after I wake up, or on weekends.

Nope.  I think about bikes.  More specifically, riding, training and racing them.  I never feel more alive than when I’m pedaling.

I think bikes are the greatest thing in the modern world.  They can be almost anything good: basic transportation, fun, something to collect, ride, race, do stunts on or just cruise around and look at the world a little faster than a walk.  One can ride with almost no physical effort, or go so hard you feel like throwing up.  You can ride them if you’re overweight and you can ride them (faster) as a world class athlete.  I’ve seen people lose 20, 40, 100lbs and seen teenagers find something to pursue that gives great rewards and keeps them away from bad influences.

What I’ve seen surprisingly few of are injuries.  If you pick the right route and ALWAYS wear a helmet cycling should be as safe as running.

This is where I tell you to go to my website, but I don’t have one.  I don’t want anything out of this except to help out my friend Barb and, I hope, provide just a little entertainment.

OK, I’ll make one plug: if you ride, spin, or are considering riding or spinning, or you’re just bored, head over to Doylestown Bike Works on South Main St.  Truly a community shop owned by enthusiasts.  They won’t be mad if you don’t buy anything.  You can drop by any time for a coffee, to hang out and talk all things bicycle.

Randal bicycle pic