Are you a fitness fashion victim? Do your running shoes outnumber your dress shoes? Do you store your race shirts in alphabetical order? Guilty as charged. And I know you are too. That’s why I’m asking for your help. 

 I’m working on new shirts and other fun fitness gear that will be available at my studio at Serenity Day Spa & Wellness Center. My favorite workout wear has a great wicking fabric, a nice color and, of course, a funny, witty or inspirational line. 

 Help me come up with a great sentence to include on my shirt. Just do it! Why? Because you’re worth it! Maybe she’s born with it, but maybe you can be all you can be. Those lines have been taken, so let’s come up with our own. Email me your suggestions to We’ll put our favorites up on our Facebook and Twitter accounts, so you and our fitness-minded friends can weigh in. Be sure to vote for your favorite. If you’re number 2, then try harder!

If we pick your line, you’ll win a free t-shirt and a personal training session. (We don’t want your fingers to do all the walking.) So let’s get started. . .and keep on going, and going, and going.

 (Do you notice all the famous ad slogans? Send me an e-mail at listing them all, and the companies they belong to and you’ll be included in a drawing for your own free t-shirt! So, reach out and touch someone!)