There are so many workout options in the world of fitness. Here are the results of the Annual Survey of Health and Fitness Trends and some of my thoughts as to What is “in” for 2015:

  1. Body weight training – This is TRX!
  2. High Intensity Interval Training – And this one of the things we do in Fit Camp!
  3. Educated, certified, and experienced fitness professionals – I’ve worked very hard to be this for you.
  4. Strength training – A must for all ages!
  5. Personal Training – This is my thing:)
  6. Exercise and weight loss – A goal for many of my clients.
  7. Yoga – so popular for all ages
  8. Senior fitness – It’s never too late.
  9. Functional fitness – I live and breath this (exercising in a way that will enable you to function later in life).
  10. Group personal training – I’m always open to creating small group classes for you and your friends.
  11. Worksite health promotion – Ask your employer what they have to offer.
  12. Outdoor activities – Get outside and go!
  13. Wellness coaching – So helpful for people looking for healthy lifestyle changes.
  14. Circuit training – So popular with my Fit Camp folks.
  15. Core training – TRX is “all core, all the time”.
  16. Sport specific training – I’m excited to be offering softball specific training for DAA softball this coming year!
  17. Children and exercise for prevention of obesity – Obesity still plagues children all over our country.
  18. Outcome measurements – This addresses accountability and ways to track outcomes to prove that selected programs really work. This comes in the forms of new apps and technology.
  19. Worker incentive programs – There is a huge resurgence of worksite health promotion now that the economy might be stabilizing. I offer incentives for Blue Cross Blue Shield participants, so check out what is available to you.
  20. Boot camp – Still very trendy for people of all fitness abilities.

Thompson, Walter. “Worldwide Survey of Fitness Trends for 2015: What’s Driving the Market.” ACSM Sports Bulletin.