DocBakers-Website-Header-1A client and I took a trip to Doc Baker’s Farmulations, Doylestown Borough’s newest bar. Not your typical bar, mind you. We have plenty of those. Doc Baker’s is a juice bar, which features cold pressed juices and plant-based food. I’m always on the lookout for healthy options for my clients who like to dine out.  We tried out a green juice, full of flavor with lemon and ginger.  There’s no hiding the vegetables with cloyingly sweet fruits and additives, like you might find in a fast food smoothie. You could taste the ingredients, bright and fresh.  We’re lookng forward to trying more of Doc Baker’s meal options—raw tacos, hummus with veggies and some fun options for the kids (and the kids in all of us).


So many of my clients love smoothies. A smoothie can be a great meal-on-the-go option, full of fruits, veggies, protein and more.  Yet, just because a smoothie or juice is labeled as “healthy,” doesn’t mean that it is.  They might delicious, but they can also sabotage your diet, with whopping amounts of fat and sugars. Sure, we all can indulge every now and again. But a fast food smoothie isn’t necessarily a great meal replacement, I often counsel my fitness clients.  It’s fast and it’s filling, but it isn’t always that great for you.


I wanted to check out Doc Baker’s to see how they fit the bill for my calorie counting friends.  The menu had lots of great options for those following vegetarian and vegan diets, as well as for those trying to include a few more veggies into their diets.


I was able to visit with the owner, Angelo, and found that we have similar backgrounds. I am the daughter of a pharmacist and worked with my father in his own pharmacy business as I was growing up. Part of my job was to deliver prescriptions to local customers. My dad always instructed me to visit each one and to get to know our customers. This experience formed my interest in health. Prescription medications can be essential, but so are a healthy diet and exercise. Angelo is also the son of a pharmacist and a pharmacist himself, having run a chain of pharmacies in the Poconos.  To Angelo, food can be our best medicine. Good, healthy food is as important—if not more—than any pill we could take.


Sure, this new place will appeal to my vegetarian and vegan clients. How great to have an option for them to easily eat a great meal, without having to navigate a menu, looking for diet pitfalls.  But I’m encouraging my meat eating clients and friends to pay Doc Baker’s a visit. It isn’t just for health nuts. A good meal, and some regular exercise, is going to make you feel better. Give it a try!